Over the past several years, the Owen D. Young Library has seen a variety of renovation projects, both large and small. The following timeline provides a quick tour of some of the spaces that have been updated.

  • This digital classroom experienced a significant renovation during the summer of 2017.  Updates included: new LED lighting; new chairs; new LCD flat panel monitor; and a new center table.

  • Owen D. Young Library's new digital project lab features a combination of iMacs and PC's along with a state-of-the-art 4K screen.

  • The summer of 2016 saw a complete reconfiguration of ODY's Yellow Pipe Room.  The shelving was fully renovated to open the Southern and Western areas of the room for readers.

  • The Glass Seminar room, made possible by a grant from the George I. Alden Trust, and located on the main floor of the Owen D. Young Library is an attractive and modern space, enclosed on three sides by glass walls. Lit by new LED fixtures, the seminar room offers seating for 14 students at a large discussion table with inset power, as well as a new LCD display for instructional use and student presentations.

  • Two years after Cole Reading Room was renovated into a quiet study space with attention paid to restoring the original woodwork, the second half of St. Lawrence University’s historic Herring-Cole Hall received renovations of its own, thanks to a generous donation by a Laurentian couple.

  • Created with funding provided by a grant from the George I. Alden Trust, the classroom provides seating for 36 students at six new tables with inset power outlets. In addition, the room offers faculty many options for instruction: a large LCD display on a rolling podium with enhanced sound, as well as whiteboards for notes during in-class discussion.  Fresh paint, new art, and LED lighting make the space inviting while reducing energy costs and consumption.

  • The MacAllaster Room now features a high-definition projector and sound system, providing the technology necessary for special events and large seminars, while maintaining a primary focus as a 24-hour student study space.

  • Updated with an LCD flat-panel screen, high-efficiency LED lighting, new conference table and other elements, all while maintaining a "retro" feel.

  • Renovations to the Cole Reading Room in Herring-Cole have restored it to a quiet study space and enhanced the original woodwork in the historic building. Thanks to generous gifts from Trustee Jay Ireland ’77 and Valerie Ireland ’77, the Cole Reading Room has been restored to its original beauty with refinished woodwork as well as new lighting, carpet and reading tables and chairs.

  • Updated with funds provided by a grant from the George I. Alden Trust and featuring flat-panel technology, soft seating, energy efficient lighting, and artwork, the Augsbury Group Study is a top choice for students looking to study collaboratively.

  • Staffed primarily by students, the combined IT-Research Help Desk provides students and faculty with a single portal for technology and research assistance.

  • Madill 222 received a comprehensive renovation and now features state-of-the-art LCD monitors, new furnishings, and photographs that highlight the local environment

  • The reading room was updated with wood paneling, leather seating, new carpeting, and lighting.